I am finally back at my desk after a crazy 2 weeks of literary events, birthdays, getting braces on my teeth (at my age!!) and buying a new car. I have been well and truly distracted from my writing.

When I read back over my last freewriting I realize I was stuck at the transition in my memoir between the end of the beginning and the beginning of the middle. I’m still hanging out at that point. Was the move to the suburbs the end of the beginning? Or was it the beginning of the middle of the story? I don’t need to answer that question right now but what I do need to understand is how significant the move was for me and my developing self. I need to go back over the incidents I do remember from the move and tease out the details that tell my story. For example, I remember phoning my friends a couple of times in Toronto. I don’t recall much of the conversation, just a vague sense that it wasn’t very satisfying. I need to dig deeper here. Much deeper. So back to the freewriting!

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