The Power of a Family Secret

My personal essay The Power of A Family Secret has now been posted on Allyson Latta's new website. This essay appeared in an earlier version in several blog posts on this site. Please click on the title of my essay or Allyson's name,  have a look and let me know what you think.

Copyright © 2010, Ruth Zaryski Jackson


Miriam said...

That's a very interesting essay. I'd like to read more about the dilemma, for a writer, of dealing with family secrets.

Miriam said...

Now I see, you wrote about that in previous posts. I think there is another type of family secret: something that could shock the community in which the family lives, although most readers would think, "So what?"

Ruth Zaryski Jackson said...

Hi Miriam,
Thank you for your comments. Writing about family secrets requires a lot of soul-searching and enough objectivity to create a story you are comfortable telling and that the reader will be interested in reading. I think you could Google techniques for writing 'healing memoirs' or have a look at Linda Joy Myers and NAMW for guidance and references. Many writers are wrestling with this challenge so there are lots of resources out there.
Thanks for your suggestion of another type of family secret I hadn't thought of. I am trying to think of an example. Can you give me a general idea? would it be for example, where the "community" is a religious community with its own rules that are not widely held?