Publication in Nasha Doroha Anthology 2012

I am excited to announce publication of two pieces of my writing in the 2012 Nasha Doroha Anthology, a special edition of the quarterly journal of the Ukrainian Catholic Women's League of Canada.

As a tribute to 1,300,000 Ukrainian immigrants to Canada during the past 120 years, the editor, Oksana Bashuk Hepburn, has assembled a collection of over 50 stories and poems, both in English and Ukrainian, in a double edition of their journal under the headings: Departing, Settling, Remembering, Contributing, Returning and Going Forward.

The story about my father appeared on this blog in an earlier version by the same title, 'Thoughts on my Father' and the poem 'Knowing You', about my paternal Baba, was previously published in "Grandmothers' Necklace" in 2010.

Here is a link to the publication: Nasha Doroha An Anthology 2013

Copies of Nasha Doroha Anthology may be obtained for $10.00 each from:

Elizabeth Zahayko
387 Betts Ave.,
Yorkton, SK
S3N 1N3
(306) 783-6282

Copyright © 2012, Ruth Zaryski Jackson


kathleen pooler said...

Congratulations Ruth on this wonderful news of being published in this anthology!

Ruth Zaryski Jackson said...

Thanks so much, Kathy!

dacemara said...

Kudos to you Ruth! This is a wonderful acknowledgement of your writer's passion and your heritage. Dace

Ruth Zaryski Jackson said...

Thank you Dace! I have your copy for next week's meeting.

Cassie Merko said...

The hisFinally got the anthology book of the all the articles. It's a great book and you should be very proud to have been chosen to contribute to this very heartrending and nostalgic personally historical document. Congratulations on such a prestigious accomplishment.

Ruth Zaryski Jackson said...

Thanks for your kind words Cassie. You are an inspiration too!!